Four Flowers Contortionist

Four flowers contortionstis Group

We are from Ethiopia contortionists group we have been worked in Ethiopia at different stages in turkey also at different stages and in Vietnam at the biggest park we have worked at national and international stages which means we have stage experience.
Our plans to be work at our profession contortion act and we are doing practice at antibody act to be sacsseful our bright future.
We are confident fully at and only write work or school circus experience countries that have worked or events act

Four flowers each details
#Feven Berhe Amare
>Date Of Birth=1996
#Netsanet Mehari Tesfay
>Date Of Birth=1999
#Heldana GebreTsidik Weldehiwet >Age=23
>Date Of Birth=1996
#Kaleta Gebremariam Tetemke
>Date Of Birth=1997


I have 4 acts but only offer 2 if circus wish to continue next season with me I offer 2 new acts. I perform aerial ring and contortion hand balancing and also aerial net and Spanish web rope.

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