I have an experience and a qualification as a stage performer from the South African State Theatre “Monnyth Dance and Drama House” in Musical Theatre and have recently been working for ClubMed Entertainment Company as a Choreographer and Stage Manager for shows and daily entertainment where I Choreograph for shows, do day time sports/activities with guests in the resort, plan/arrange show programs, teach Salsa and Zumba classes daily, and guests contact throughout the day, and also at night time after shows. I am looking to learn new skills and also enhance my current skills as a performer and an artist. I have been with the company for One and a half year in the following counties “Indonesia, and did shows in Singapore as a dancer there. Also in Maldives at the Indian ocean and recently came back from Japan Sahoro Hokkaido from working as a Choreographer, Performer/Dancer/Singer and Entertainer. Now looking for other opportunities to continue to share my skills and learn from the world.
I love being with and around people. Love kids, sports, dancing, games and spending time with people, as i am an energetic, vibrant, young man who loves to travel and explore the world and its beauty.
I started at the South African state theater in Musical Theatre where I learned various dance styles like ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, afro dance, Morden and a few and the comfort of being on the stage as an artist/performer in arts where I learned choreography and my versatile skills as an entertainer which includes dancing, singing and acting. I performed for various artists, music videos, the 2010 fifa world cup and other shows… which helped with my acrobatic skills, effortless energy, versatile dance styles and flexibility,  which I also learned from my journey with the previous entertainment company in Asia 

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