João Lira and Simone Silva

João Lira and Simone Silva

 Duo of dance shows.
Brazilian show, samba, frevo, choreographed capoeira, afro dance, brazilian folk dance, ballroom dance, modern dance, jazz, contemporary, social and commercial.

Подкидные доски

Акробаты на Подкидных досках. Работают как парни так и девушки. Есть трюки на ходулях.

F&B Acrobatics

Acrobats, skydivers, gymnasts, dancers, jugglers, climbers, martial artists, fire breathers, extreme sportsmen, aerialists, adrenaline junkies, stuntmen and choreographers, acquainted in 2014.


I have 4 acts but only offer 2 if circus wish to continue next season with me I offer 2 new acts. I perform aerial ring and contortion hand balancing and also aerial net and Spanish web rope.

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