Brass Band

We are brass band from Ukraine. Job profile: Chimelong (China), Everland (South Korea), O-World (South Korea), Wanda (China), Oct east (China). Can take as many instruments as you need.

Emotions Trio

Our “EMOTIONS TRIO” offer live perfomance for hotels, cruise ships and events abroad. We have extensive experience (10 years) in hotels 5* and events.
Our repertoire is varied: jazz standarts, pop

Alive Duo

We are professionals musicians available for
bookings, with a very variety repertory that mixes old and new songs, to
ensure there’s something for everyone. We play keyboard, sax, clarinet,
flute and vocals.

William Fernandes

➢ With all the trajectory in the carnival, which are 25
years, I had the opportunity to know the whole of Brazil,
taking a little of our culture and our
joy where I passed!
➢In 25 years of experience, making an average of 150
concerts a year, in different parties and places, of a
show at the butcher’s opening, until
at the reception in the company’s fraternization
Koreana in Brazil, in 2005 with President Lula, and
Brasília in the Plateau Palace !!

Mariano da Silvais

Experiências carnavalescas

Ingressei no mundo do samba com 12 anos de idade em uma escola de bairro, aonde tive a oportunidade de entrar no G.R.C.E.S Mocidade Alegre aonde hoje sou ritmista a 7 anos.

Guilherme Lima

My beginning in the Carnival of São Paulo was in 2017 I paraded in two Dragões da Real schools and Ipiranga emperor, both as a rhythmist and playing box. In 2018 I continued in the emperor and went to Go-Go, changed instruments in both and paraded in the tamborim wing in the two schools. In the year of 2019 I paraded of box in the emperor of Ipiranga and parade of tambourine in the Black Pearl and in the vai

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