Davide Rausa was born in Turin in 1974, a charming mix of French and Sicilian blood, and began to perform when he was seventeen, supporting himself with a range of jobs while nursing his ambition to become an artist. Since the beginning, Davide has bringed to the stage the best of Italian theatrical traditions -imagination, creativity, humour, elegance- and earned himself the fairy-tale stage name “Monsieur David”.

He was formed as an actor at the Sergio Chiorino Academy, Carlo Merlo’s Clesis School and Imprò, developing his love for the semiotics of acting and improvisation. His first performances were so well received that he was called to Rome to play along with some of the most respected Italian variety artists, as Pino Insegno and Maurizio Battista, in the legendary Sistina Theater. From here on his career is unstoppable.

Monsieur David has never stopped experimenting and rediscovering traditional and contemporary theatre forms. Carrying out his research on new ways of artistic communication, the classically trained actor was replaced by the passionate performer who has founded the Feet Theater Company, following success with several productions: “Feet Theater”“Feet Melody” and “Feet Fantasy”.

These innovative pièces -international, musical shows- combine figure theater, dance theater and operetta, and fantasy and freedom are the only rules on stage:

“A boundless imagination drives my stories, for only when we connect with the audience on an emotional level, does the interaction become deep and meaningful. That’s why one of the great values of my shows is that both adults and children can be transported into a magical world and deeply enjoy a show they have never seen before”.

Monsieur David is recognized as one of the most versatile and ingenious performers in Italy. He has played his shows in several nationwide tours and festivals (as the Mojoca Fest and the Rome Fringe Fest) and he has also become a major presence in the media, due to its acclaimed performances in the popular Italian TV shows “Colorado” (Mediaset) and “Domenica In” (RAI).

Monsieur David has been awarded numerous honours, including the 2016 NOpS Fest Award for the best show (“Feet Storyboard”) and the Righetto-Unità d’Italia Award (“Fiaba tricolore”).

He is currently preparing “Doubleface”, the Feet Theater Company’s new show, inspired by the black light theater tradition, while collaborating in the filming of “Fantasia a piede libero” -an inspirational documentary for the new generations, directed by Maurizio Simonetti- and actively participating in Borghi d’Eccellenza, a formative and cultural project coordinated by Maurizio Varriano.

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